God called my name 

and set me free.

  Kenneth Campbell was born in Rolla, MO. in 1936, during the great depression era. When he was 15 years old he went to work on a delivery truck, earning just $3 a day. After gaduating highschool he worked at the shoe factory in Rolla. He knew that he didnt want to work there the rest of his life so in 1956 he joined the US AirForce. During his time in the service he was eventually stationed in Kansas City, Kansas where he met his wife Vickie. After serving four years in the service Kenneth came back to Rolla, MO. and became a home builder for over 50 yrs.

  When Kenneth was 66 years old God called his name one night and spoke to him. Kenneth gave his life to Christ on November the 1st, 2002. From that day forward he had a new job.....to tell others about Christ and what Jesus had done for him and how Christ could do the same for them. He became a bold witness for Jesus Christ. He wrote a book entitled " God called my name " ( see the link below ). This book has in it Kenneth's testimony, what God has done for him in his life as well as the testimonies of other people that Kenneth has met along the way.

  God placed it in Kenneth and Vickie's hearts to build Peace Valley Ministries, a place to supply a retreat of rest and renewal for Christian missionaries, men and women, youth groups, and evangelistic rivivals.   

Please watch the video to hear Kenneth's testimony





Bold witness for Christ